Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alamo Springs Cafe

Alamo Springs Cafe sits  at the end of the road near the abandoned train tunnel.  And they make the  best burger you've never tasted, unless you've seen the bats emerge from Old Tunnel, or followed the bible on the best burgers in Texas.

You take two-lane RM 473 from Comfort and keep on goin' when it narrows to Old San Antonio Road.  Drive another nine winding miles, pass Old Tunnel parking and follow the sign to hamburger heaven.  OK, so it doesn't say that on the sign, but you'll understand after you get there.

Alamo Springs, where "Anybody is nobody" so get your own damn beer.  And musicians play soul-blues-country-rock on the patio stage weekend nights.  

Inside, the Chef grills half a pound of fine local beef and serves it on a sweet cheese and jalapeno bun, piled high with avocado, grilled onions, green chilies and blue cheese.   

I didn't say it was healthy, I said it tasted Texas-sized good.  Every now and then a person needs a little substance to go with the salad.  
And a LOT of napkins.

Denny and I split one.  He had a side of sweet potato fries, I had an organic mixed greens salad with house-made Tequila-Lime Vinaigrette.  I tasted Alamo's other made-from-scratch dressings too.  The Chipotle Ranch is crossover nirvana.

We finished with the pastry chef's pie-du-jour.  Yes, that's right, the pastry chef, doesn't every country way-station have a pastry chef? 

The night we were there it was watermelon pie.  Best, and only, watermelon pie I've ever had.  I'll admit the seasoning and raisins reminded me of mincemeat-pies-past.  Next time I'll go for the three-layer German Chocolate Cake.  Or the local-peach cobbler.  Or maybe the Key Lime Pie.

And I'll forgo the burger for grilled quail on a salad of romaine, baby corn, black olives, local tomatoes and feta cheese dressed with basil vinaigrette.  So I have more room for pie.

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  1. At a dinner some years ago with a friend. She asked for chicken but was actually thinking Quail. When it arrived on a 14incher what they had done was split the bird lengthways. And further 'twas a good while since the epithet 'chicken' could have been used. I have never seen such a mix of awe and terror on the face of a woman.
    That plate of food in your photo has that look about it.

  2. Gracious that is a lot of food! I don't even eat hamburgers these days, but that had my mouth watering. Glad you opted to split with Denny.
    x0 N2

  3. Oh my god. Yes. Thank-you. More pie. Please.

  4. This is like that food show Dives and Diners or something.
    I'm full and hungry at the same time just thinking and seeing.
    I'd pass on the burger and indulge in the sweet potato fries with dips and a beer. Even if I had to get it myself.

  5. It was, quite honestly, the best burger I've ever eaten. In my 65 years of burger sampling. By far, the best. It was over six inches high. You can wash your hands and face when you're done, but it won't do much good. It really is worth getting on a plane for.

  6. That's what I call dinner. Or rather what I'd LIKE to call dinner. Thanks for the heads up you two.

  7. Yummmmmmmeeeeeee.

    Husband and I are planning a trip to the Hill Country next month .. so many things to see (and taste) ... so little time..


  8. Okay, I gotta go. Your posts always make me hungry. Thanks for being such a fabulous travel arranger!

  9. Finally I know why the phrase
    was created...

  10. Kathleen,
    For some reason, I am having trouble reading your blog. The damn thing keeps booting me directly to a Dell page that says they were unable to find your link. Have you heard this from anyone else?

    Sometimes, I can hit the comments button quick and leave a comment, but that's it. I just didn't want you to think I wasn't reading you anymore.

    I hope you get this comment. Love you!


  11. SB, thanks for the heads-up. I'll see what I can find out. Love you too,

  12. Note to Self: no more reading Kathleen's blog before breakfast. I am salivating; my tummy is rumbling; and that piece of raisin toast is beginning to sound pretty puny. Good thing my computer doesn't have Smell-A-Vision!

  13. Hi Kathleen,
    I'm really tempted by your description to try that restaurant out next time [Oct. 29 - Nov. 1] in the Hill Country - Fredericksburg [the Hill Country Bicyle Touring Club's "Fredericksburg Fall Foliage Frolic": Frolic, to be exact. And since I'm there to do some miles on my bicycle, I might really need all those proteins! ;-)
    Best regards from Karnes City,


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