Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tweet Mystery

We never know what we'll see when we walk out our front door.  I like that.  I want my life to encompass the unexpected.
Last Friday, at sunset-happy-hour time, Denny and I took libations to the back porch for front-row seats at the evening hummingbird wars.  Fall migration is in full swing and hummers exercise feisty, and often competing, ownership of our feeders and flowers.  The swooping-chattering-diving spectacle holds us captive.

But that day, farther out, a mystery alighted. 

See the bird pecking on the rock in the photo above, white with gray and blue patches?  About the size of a cardinal, longish tail, pink legs.  Chirps like a parakeet...

How did he arrive in our arid Texas hills?

What larger-than-a-pet-store-budgie species is he?  

Will he stay?  If he does, how will he survive the winter?

Some mysteries are solved by time, while others remain forever a reason to walk out the door, eyes open. 

September 1, 2010:  Thanks to new friend Deb of Front Porch Perspectives for identifying our visitor as a pied-budgie! 

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