Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Man's Perspective

The conversation from the older-middle-aged men's table at the cafe has been in summer doldrums. 

But this week the lawyer walked in wearing a blue-flowered Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and sandals. "I don't have much time with you guys today, I've got an 8:30 appointment." 

The musician asked, "Who you representing, Don Ho?"

Guffaws all 'round.

"As long as my client gets his divorce quick, he doesn't care what I wear."

Spoken in true Hill Country fashion.


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  1. love that! There's a place here called The Farmer's Market that's been around for over 75 years. On any given day, you can go for breakfast or lunch and shopping around, but my favorite part is seeing the very old groups of men and women who meet nearly every day, I imagine, eating donuts, drinking coffee, playing cards, etc. It's wonderful!

    And I love that photo of the water.

  2. Freedom to dress as one pleases - that's what I call a great job.

  3. hah,
    and I love old people and their outfits.
    perhaps because I so see myself there in the not too distant future.

  4. Very funny! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog nice and so much to see. I am new and still learning how to fix my place up. Enjoy your weekend.


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