Friday, August 27, 2010

Mighty Pink Anyway

Texans are serious about their fun.  If you don't believe it, make a disparaging remark about one or another Texas sports team.

I wouldn't do it, myself, since I'm not a defensively-skilled person.  But it might be entertaining to watch if someone else did it and I was far enough away not to be hit by flying beer.
In a gentler appreciation of Texas idiosyncracy, the South Texas Botanical Garden in Corpus Christi is currently indulging in a Flamingo Fandango.  One hundred, give or take a few.

Many outfitted by local artists, like this patriotic bird.

And this homage to the mighty University of Texas Longhorn.

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  1. I have always had a deep fondness for the plastic flamingo. I own two myself.

  2. What a hoot! STBG is one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in Corpus Christi. I wish I were going sometime soon so I could enjoy all of these flamingos. Pink plastic flamingos always make me smile in whatever guise they choose to take.

  3. I have always enjoyed seeing a neighbor's front garden full of pink flamingos. I do like this exhibit....especially the patriotic flamingos :-)

  4. I love plastic flamingos. They're tacky, but in an eccentric way. They beat yard geese all to hell.

    Love you!

  5. BWA HA HA!!! I love it! That has GOT to be one of the single most entertaining gardens in the country!

  6. We are Longhorns Fans here ( local high school Corpus Christi ), so I guess I'm partial to the last flamingo.

  7. Most of you know that Kathleen used to live in Miami followed by Vero Beach. She would probably have plastic flamingos in her yard if her husband didn't draw the line. But, then again, so probably would I...

  8. I don't like plastic flamingos. I like real ones.

    And if you look, I mean really concentrate HARD, past these pink god-damned flamingos, you can almost make out something really miraculous - the Botanical Gardens itself.

  9. Fun! I can see where this could be a bit strange. But I like it.

    It seems like the kids in town would do some pranks and steal them.


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