Thursday, August 12, 2010

Longhorn Cavern

Aeons ago, the coastal plains of Texas bent downward.  A Central Texas area known as the Llano Uplift remained stable and the Hill Country was born.
  Map from University of Texas at Austin website Geologic Wonders of Texas

Over time, soil eroded.  Water percolated through the limestone.  Caves were formed as the rock dissolved.  And in a few places, underground rivers carved dramatic flowing caverns.

Longhorn Cavern is one of those.  About 14 miles northwest of Marble Falls, visitors step down into geologic time.  

Sunlight faded as Denny and I joined ten other mortals for a visit to nature's negative space.
One and a quarter miles of wandering through cool damp otherworld. 

Past angel-wings of stone dripping into being,

a water-carved terrier,

and crystals glittering overhead.

One massive inner cathedral extended up beyond light.

The guide told stories.  Hidden outlaw treasure, a Saturday-night speakeasy frequented by church members who gathered there the next morning.  

We walked, our hearts beating slower as time receded into the reality of rock.

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