Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yesterday is Not Today

I was afraid.  

Last summer was a visceral endurance.  69+ days crackling over 100F and MONTHS without rain.

This year, the porch thermometer has yet to hit 100F and rain has nourished the gardens.  

Yesterday is not Today.

I want to remember that next time I fall into fear.

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  1. so perfect Kathleen.
    I think this should be on one of those plastic bracelets everyone wears .
    well, except , I don't wear them, but still.

    love it , and the photo,and your heart

  2. How right you are. I found you from the blog hop. Lovely blog, by the way.

    Hope you enjoy another day that does not reach 100 degrees! :-)


  3. Thank-you. I needed that one today.

  4. Gorgeous picture and gorgeous thought. So far, this summer is definitely more pleasant than last, and that's a thought that I need to hold onto when I find myself giving in to my tendency to grumble.

  5. Hasn't it been such a welcome relief? In so many ways.

    I will soon head to the northeast coast where, I am to learn, the temps will get into the 100's. Now there is something really wrong about that.

    However, I must add that two years ago, made the same trip, and the temps unexpectedly dropped into the 80's. It was delightful. It can't always be so good, I guess. But I'm secretly hoping.

  6. Yesterday is not Today is a great thing to tell ourselves each morning just before we get out of bed. Thanks for the reminder, Kathleen!

    This is a more gentle summer for us this year as well, though our rain stopped in early June, and the garden has been appreciating the break. All I need now is a good week of 90 degree temperatures to ripen up all those green tomatoes. x0 N2

  7. What a perfect reminder. Thanks, Kathleen. (And short enough for me to remember!)

  8. Wow...that is great advice...I love it...I am visiting from Sarcastic Bastards blog...

  9. SB sent me over, too. Great adivce!!

  10. This summer has been SO much better, hasn't it.

    You're right. Each day has it's own special blessings. We just need to be reminded of that, sometime.



  11. I'm having to remind myself of that, as well.

  12. Glorious colours of the sunset Kathleen and a lovely reminder that we should treasure each day.
    I am pleased to hear that you are having a better Summer and you have had some rain ... something to be thankful for.
    I know about that feeling of fear, I am hoping our Summer will be milder this year and hoping for no destructive bushfires. xoxoxo ♥

  13. Wonderful picture and message :)

  14. Yes! I was just reading Jean McWeeney's blog She is in northern Louisiana where they are currently experiencing severe drought, and I wanted to say something reassuring to her, to remind her that the rain will come again. Your blog entry says it perfectly.

  15. "fall into fear" how pretty - but terrifying all the same. Truly, we've been getting some scorchers this year, hope it goes back to normal soon. . .glad you've been having some nice weather there!

  16. Kathleen, Great post~I think it's too easy for any of us to collapse into fear~for lots of reasons~Not just drought! gail


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