Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tomato Summer

We all have favorite summer foods.  Last year I couldn't get enough organic nectarines and peaches.  Denny loves red grapes.  My mother likes watermelon.

But I'm thinking this is the year of the Tomato.  I'd like to say I have a wildfire-sized harvest from my garden, as opposed to last year, but I'd be telling a tall tale.

Tall tale is what Texans say when they don't want to use a hard-edged word like lie.  The Texas code reserves hard-edged words for major events, such as catching someone cheating at cards.  A Tomato story is clearly in the tale category.  Unless the tomato in question was thrown at a politician and the squashed pulp splattered his face and stained his shirt.  That would likely be an occasion for a hard-edged word but I bet 'lie' wouldn't be the first one that came to the recipient's mind.

No, I'm glorying in Tomatoes this year from my friends' gardens. Heirlooms, experimentals, old favorites. Sweeter for the thoughtfulness of the giver.

What's your favorite taste of summer?

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