Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Deer

The cycle of life is whirling here.

The sun was setting as I walked out on my front porch on June 2, 2008, to snip some basil. I was thinking about my recipe and bending over the basil, sharp scissors in hand, before my brain clicked.

I don't know who was more startled, but I do know who blinked.  And it wasn't the fawn.

She was so small.  See the 4" pots next to her? ------>

I ran back into the house, snapped a picture through the kitchen window and shut off all the lights.  A doe hides her newborn in a thick stand of grass or a thicket, the safest place she can find, and then goes off to feed, not returning for perhaps a day. 

I made dinner in the dark and we ate in the dark. I didn't want anything to discourage Mama from retrieving that baby.  What would we do if the doe didn't come back?  We couldn't abandon a baby.  I pushed away a vision of a full-grown deer sleeping on my doormat.

When we blinked the porch light at midnight, the little one was gone.

Then last summer, a young doe brought her fawn to our gardens.  Drank from our bird baths, ate birdseed from the rocks, made herself to home.  Grand-fawn?

This summer, if I look out the window, any window, I'm likely to see a doe and twin fawns.

Or a pregnant doe, due any day now, noshing in the flowers.  I suspect she's the one bedding down in the swath of Mexican Hat

<-----See her belly?

I don't go out snipping herbs at sunset now.  I don't want to know.

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  1. That's just astonishing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Oh what an adventure your little corner of the world is!

  3. Great narrative and wonderful pictures!

  4. How wonderful to see such lovely animals in your garden, I did not know that fawns were so tiny, she is beautiful and so too the other photos of the fawns and doe.
    That sunset photo is spectacular too Kathleen, thanks for sharing these with us. xoxo ♡

  5. I can't get over the baby tucked there .
    I want one.

  6. Oh, that's just too wonderful! It looks like they've gotten to know as their auntie K, too. I'd do the same thing too; turn off all the lights & eat in the dark. Also, love your wildflower field transformation. I guess the deer know when they've found a good place to hang out.

  7. Oh wow! That is really just too neat! That tiny little deer. . .I didn't know they started out SO small! Amazing.

  8. Dear deer photos, Kathleen. I think they sense your thoughfulness (eating in the dark =o) and the mothers purposefully bring their babies to you. x0 N2

  9. Oh deer, I'm so far behind reading your posts, and I adore your blog. What magic indeed! My mom gets twin fawns under her bedroom winter from time to time and they are adorable. Your home is an amazing sanctuary for every type of creature!


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