Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning Neighbors

I love spring in the Texas Hill Country, before the summer air sears bloom and fruit.

I was a little late getting the bird seed out one morning this week.  We were a little late the night before too...forgetting to bring in the hanging feeders.  Removal is our raccoon defense.  They sneak up at night like party crashers to a buffet, leaving the feeders  empty on the ground.

So I was happy to look out back in the morning and see the feeders still hanging.  I hummed as I walked across the porch and turned on the faucet to run water for the bird-bath.  Until a movement across the path caught my eye.

Fox, frozen in the wild area amid the dewberry vines, staring into my eyes.  

He glanced down, a nod almost, at the sweet ripe fruit.  Then back up at me.  Breakfast or safety?

My watering can overflowed on my feet, my hand jumped to the faucet, Fox leaped to the path. Around the corner and out of sight.

Drama before coffee.

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