Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gruene Time

I'm starting back on the book next week.  I've been away long enough.  From this distance I can see that some of the characters need more history.  Some events are skinny and need fattening up.  And some of the characters entered out of sequence.  I'm glad for the feedback of good friends, good readers.  It's like getting new glasses, I don't have to hold the pages so far away to see them now.  I'm excited.

In the time since I sent out the first draft for reading, I started thinking about the next book, where and who and how and why.  I'm about settled on Gruene, in the southern Hill Country not far from New Braunfels, as the primary site.  It's got everything. Characters and crowds.  Idiosyncrasy, history, activity.  And the breath of music drifting from Gruene Hall.

So Denny and I jaunted to Gruene on Thursday for wine tasting and music under the oaks. Research.  I'm looking forward to doing more of it.

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  1. Kathleen,
    I've been thinking about your book, so the update is well timed.
    I hope the revisions aren't too painful . I guess putting the work out there for first big critique is part of the process. Still.

    and the research you're doing sounds terribly trying:)

  2. Research.....I love research. And, Gruene is a great place for it.

    With your skills, I'm betting you can put together another great Texas Tale.


  3. I'm with Patchwork - I just adore research. When it comes to certain endeavors I am all about the science. Reproducible events, etc.

    And not to take away from the serious nature of your endeavor, but I believe you may have just gifted me with the socially acceptable answer for so many questions.... "I'm doing research for a book". Yup. That sounds about right.

  4. Kathleen - You have a true working writer's attitude toward revision. Here's wishing you a fabulous re-write!

    Looking forward to the side benefits of your new research.

    x0 N2

  5. Truth is stranger than fiction, and Gruene is so strange (read unique) it has to be real!

  6. Oh, I know this will be hard but it's exciting, too. And how is your Asheville article coming along? Any links to it?

  7. How very exciting - but hard work, I know. Good luck with the entire process.

  8. Good luck getting where you need to be! I'm sure it'll be a work of art when all is said and done!


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