Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bellville, Texas -- Sweet Retreat

Lately I've been writing travel articles for the San Antonio Express-News, a good regional newspaper.  I think up some place I want to see, find the color, and talk to the travel editor for blessing.  

I get paid a little for expanding my horizons and sharing the view, as I do for fun on Hill Country Mysteries, which is how the editor found me in the first place.

A few weeks ago, we went east on I-10 until we were about 70 miles west of Houston, then turned south and drove about fifteen miles to tiny Wallis to see the Guardian Angel Catholic Church, an intricate flower of a building constructed in 1913 by Czech immigrants; testimony to resilience, community and faith. 

Fifteen miles north of I-10, we found bustling Bellville, population 3,947 according to the sign at the edge of town.  History, art, food, fun.

Holland St. Gallery represents 160 artists.  Owned by watercolor painter Kathleen Bernard, seen here with one of her color-themed cow paintings (don't you love the look on that Brahma's face?).  Kathleen's gallery could hold its own in Dallas or Houston.  

Don't miss the Bellville Cafe with made-from-scratch pie, unique shops, businesses, and an interesting local history museum in the old jail.

For more on Bellville's shops and unique B&B see my article, which ran a few weeks later.  

I loved the Buffalo Creek Winery, located a couple of miles from the center of Bellville.  It's currently a winebar, but the owners plan to make their own wine someday.  Open Thursdays through Saturdays. Sometimes there's live music and dinner.  Always buffalo out front.

The only hard thing in writing about Texas is figuring out what to leave out.

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