Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Do What We Can

We have no shortage of hair in my household.  I know this for a physical fact because fuzzy tumbleweeds roll the edges of our rooms, escaping to congregate and reproduce under the furniture.  

Maybe it's because I don't brush my hair.  I can't.  If I did, every single hair would vibrate electric independence, reaching for the wide world beyond my head.  The halo would whack the sides of the doorways when I walk through.

And, of course, we have three cats.  

We brush them whenever we think about it.  Each brushing yields wads of soft kitty-fur clogging the brush and comb.  Even so, we don't brush enough because it's impossible to brush enough; a full-time brusher working 16 hour days, no break for Sundays, couldn't brush them enough.

But I quit feeling bad about the excess house-hair last month when I realized we could donate it.  So now I snatch up our sheddings and trot outside to add it to the latest handful of dried wiregrass stems, then tuck the bunch into a crotch of a tree.  

The neighbors drop by before the day is out and collect it for their new homes.

And everyone is happy. 
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  1. BRILLIANT! I always have said there was something that can be done with our little fuzz puppies! Now what can we do to recycle dryer lint??!

  2. Very clever. I bet the birds in your neighborhood are busy bragging about their fur lined nests.

    However - cats and birds being natural enemies - do you think it gives them pause to have their nests smelling so, well, CAT like?

  3. you're smart and giving....

    and wear a tiara beautifully.
    Happy Easter weekend, friend
    love to you

  4. And beautiful curly hair it is too! especially with that tiara on top. You take such good care of your cats and birds. x0 N2

  5. We have seven cats, so I'll all for finding things to do with the hair, which washes through the house like a tide on the slightest breeze. But alas, my donations to the birds were ignored last year. I assumed it was because, even though my pampered indoor cats wouldn't know what to do with a bird if it jumped in their food dish, perhaps the birds have some inbred dislike of anything catty.

  6. I've done that with hair, as well as dryer lint. It's wonderful to happen upon one of these little nests later on and find it lined with one's gifts.

  7. adorable -- you and the post itself --

  8. My friend Lynn who died a few years ago always told me to take my brush-hairs outside to give to the birds and I do. It is a holy, sacred thing. And fun, as well!

  9. That is a great recycling idea, I love the photo of your cats, they all look so cute and like mine find the most comfortable and unusual ways to sleep.
    I have three cats as well so there is plenty of soft kitty fur after brushing.
    Love the photo of the red cardinal, what beautiful coloured feathers.
    xoxo ♡

  10. Every time I brush Maggie, I say I make 3 or 4 new dogs. We send them off into the wind, too, lovely soft bronze Labrador retriever hair. My own hair is growing longer, now, and I have to fetch it from the shower drain regularly. Maybe that's why a persistent bluebird has been trying to get into the bedroom!


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