Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Show Me Your Yard Art

I write here about Hill Country gardening as often as I write about anything.  But there is an element of the residential garden that I've been holding back, waiting for the right time.  Which is now.  

Yard Art.  Don't groan.  We're all entitled to our preferences.  As the old Texas saying goes, "There ain't no flapjack so thin that it don't have two sides."  

And I know you've committed Yard Art yourself.  It may be small; you may not call it Yard Art.  But you've got a frog, fountain or flamingo among the flowers in your domain.
Our Yard Art runs toward functional, like this arbor Denny built for my birthday a couple of years ago, after which he asked me if we could just go to the jewelry store for my next birthday. 

The year before, Denny built a waterfall for my birthday, the one the hummingbirds bathe in.

And, OK, I'll admit, we've got a cement animal. A small one.

But nothing to beat  this concrete Bevo guarding a hacienda down the road.

Now I want to hear about your yard art.  What funnies or fancies grace your plot? 

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  1. I live for good (bad?) yard art. Seriously love it. Bottle tree, anyone?

  2. I love it! Yes, even the bunny. . .

    I must say, however, that sometimes it occurs to me that we live in VERY different worlds. Around here yard art is made with sidewalk chalk, sand, and perhaps bubbles! I had a birdbath up last year, but the birds didn't want to share it with T's rubber duckies (can't imagine why), so we took it down. :D

  3. I am a fanatic about yard art. I love the long horn steer. Now that is a piece that says something.

    I like one strong statement or a mass collection or lunacy. All the same, I enjoy the heck out of it.

  4. I do like yard art and have to watch out not to overdo it. But I must say your DH has excellent taste in gifts. Forget the jewelry store!

  5. Texas Hill Country yard art is the best in the world!

  6. I second Pam. Forget the jewelry store. Everybody who gives me gifts, knows I'd like something for the yard. And, I have a lot more yard here, for art.

    My neighbor has a life-sized bronze horse, in her back yard. We have the 'south end' view...haha
    That's's that flapjack thing.


  7. My yard art is empty beer cans and cigarette butts. Just kidding.

    I love the steer statue. It's awesome.

    Denny is talented!

  8. Some of our lattice type yard art has taken a beating over the last couple of winters. One section had to be removed last year, the other, in the next week or so.

    I gave away our bird bath ( have I mentioned the ongoing drama over birds with my neighbour?)
    Long story, but we actually put out some seed for an early spring thrill and there might be hope . Also that neighbour moved. :)

    I'm afraid that's it.

  9. What a fun question!

    I've got the full gamut - a trellis here - a cement turtle in the birdbath - a bottle tree there - even a bottlecap snake I am right proud of. The most ambitious project in the works will be a shard mosaic along the side of the driveway behind a little bed close to our front door. It has been in the planning stages for months - just waiting for warm weather in combination with no pollen to get started!

  10. I just love your arbour and the waterfall, yeah forget the jewelry store I would much rather be given plants.
    I have some kitty's made from tin which are really cute, at present they sit just inside my front door with some plants, they will go outside when I finally get my pergola.
    I have a little gnome which belonged to my Mum and a water bowl for the birds. xoxo ♡

  11. I am a major fan of yard art (or garden art) and have tons of it myself. Yours is in very good taste, and I think it's clever and amusing to have these cool things as surprises along the garden path... Before you and I became bloggy friends, I ran some photos of the stuff in my garden too ... Friends tend to give me their garden art when they move, or for birthday gifts, so I have it nestled in the herb garden, here and there, plus a lovely granite statue of the Buddha in my Japanese garden.

  12. Well, I have to admit I don't have much yard art. Just a small statue of a boy reading and a trellis or two. But I remember living down the street from a poet who had the most outrageous yard art in his front yard. He said it kept the boogeymen away.

    I love your yard art and the photo of the steer in the bluebonnets. Also, I checked out your post about the hummingbirds in the waterfall - awesome!

  13. We've got a small fountain made from the torn out utility sink. We've got a stone turtle from some shop on the way to Yosemite. We also have a metal birdbath thing and a small decorative birdhouse thing. So many things. The kids love it, the tackier the better.

    Great post, by the way!

  14. Love the bevo. I bet it's far more affordable than some of the ones I have seen round here. Bronze and stainless steel. I have yard art but mostly small stuff. I may just post about it one day.


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