Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Show Me Your Yard Art

I write here about Hill Country gardening as often as I write about anything.  But there is an element of the residential garden that I've been holding back, waiting for the right time.  Which is now.  

Yard Art.  Don't groan.  We're all entitled to our preferences.  As the old Texas saying goes, "There ain't no flapjack so thin that it don't have two sides."  

And I know you've committed Yard Art yourself.  It may be small; you may not call it Yard Art.  But you've got a frog, fountain or flamingo among the flowers in your domain.
Our Yard Art runs toward functional, like this arbor Denny built for my birthday a couple of years ago, after which he asked me if we could just go to the jewelry store for my next birthday. 

The year before, Denny built a waterfall for my birthday, the one the hummingbirds bathe in.

And, OK, I'll admit, we've got a cement animal. A small one.

But nothing to beat  this concrete Bevo guarding a hacienda down the road.

Now I want to hear about your yard art.  What funnies or fancies grace your plot? 

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