Monday, April 5, 2010

Prairie Verbena Monday

Round the corner, up the rise, a low purple wave nods time with the wind.

Prairie Verbena (Glandularia bipinnatifida), friend of butterflies, hummingbirds and happy drivers. 

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  1. I'm in love with the brave little wink of yellow mixed into all that purple!

  2. Oh me oh my. There is something about a field filled with flowers that just grabs me every time.

    I have verbena plants coming up as part of a wildflower mix we broadcast out back for a couple of years running. It takes time for the seeds to germinate, and then another season for the plants to get well rooted, but those amazing purple blooms are well worth the wait!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  3. There is a sea of purple in the meadow, behind my neighbor.
    I need to get out there and take a picture. Last spring, I don't remember even one blooming there.

  4. How gorgeous! Thanks for making my morning!

  5. I just love Verbena. Mine are in full bloom and just the sight of them makes me happy :-)

  6. A field of blue after my own heart. +Sigh+
    x0 N2

  7. How lovely. I love verbena but have yet to get any planted in our new garden. It's on my list for this season!

  8. ah,splendid.
    It's raining here, and I can almost hear the growing.
    I'm heading outside to photograph the lilac clusters.

    Isn't it just everything?

  9. What a beautiful vision of purple Kathleen, you have some lovely wildflowers growing in the prairies where you live. xoxo ♡

  10. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


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