Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mystery Art

We're taken with our life in the Texas Hill Country, 'though some would call it quiet.  Occasionally the biggest event of the day is a question.  Those days, that's enough.

The other morning, in a pre-coffee haze, I walked out to the street to retrieve the newspapers.  My stroll was punctuated by stops to look at wildflowers and a spate of "I can't stand it" weed-pulling.  Even a zombie hates to see a possumhaw holly strangled.

Out by the street, I was looking down as I climbed out of the ditch clutching the papers, or I might not have seen it.  Painted yellow swoops and swirls along the driveway's edge, laid down by a not-very-talented artist.  My fuddled brain wondered.  What errant artist had been out before dawn decorating a country driveway?

That kind of question begs an answer so I bent for a better look.  Aha...a four-legged artist (look closely for the prints).  

A raccoon, most likely.  

Which raised other questions.  Why would a raccoon paint my drive?  Did he wear a smock and carry his pot of paint in his mouth?  Why yellow?  Maybe he was broke, could only afford one color and yellow was on sale.  Did he use his tail for a brush?  Surely not.  Raccoons are finicky.  They're all the time washing odd bits in our bird baths.

Oh, a twig.  

And then another, bigger question, Could we sell our raccoon art for millions on Ebay?  Rarity playing into the price of course.

I walked slow up the drive, my feet matching the speed of my thoughts.  

Until I came to the bright yellow answer.  


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  1. Pollen is dusting the blogworld tonight, dear. It's everywhere.
    Lovely in your writing. Rather unso on my car.

  2. The oak and pine pollen have painted my whole world yellow recently. I'm hoping that things will soon resume their normal hues.

  3. I used to have a black car--pre pollen explosion!

  4. I love oak trees, really I do. I just hate their pollen. So we agree to disagree for a few weeks every Spring.

    This year does seem to have brought on a bumper crop. Wonder if animals ever develop allergies? I don't think I've ever heard a squirrel sneeze!

  5. Interesting discovery there, Kathleen. Laugh.

    Love you much,


  6. It is bad, this year. Hopefully, it will soon be over.

    I don't know about squirrels sneezing...but deer do. Not sure what it's all about, though.


  7. I love how you spin the simplest things into a story worth reading. Thanks for the escape and the chuckle!

  8. ah, too bad oh the almost ebay venture:)

    We've had a racoon hiding out in the lower bed of river rock behind the pool's retaining wall. So far our much smaller than dog is scaring it away , but I have a feeling this adventure isn't over.

  9. You definitely could sell your raccoon art for millions (or at least thousands or hundreds) on Ebay, but only if your racoon art is in the shape of the Virgin Mary (thousands) or Elvis (hundreds).


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