Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Concert - Chris Sanders & Steve Smith

 Our friends Mary and Cliff hosted a house concert recently.  They're in touch with a musical world, and from time to time they bring that world to our Hill Country neighborhood. 

Last month, we joined fifty of their other friends in the concert hall built over their garage, to hear New Mexico singer-songwriters Chris Sanders and Steve Smith.

Chris's voice has a raw richness that sends her words beyond vibration into mind.  And Steve's mandolin stirs music nearly visible in passion.

They perform songs old and new; from history, or life as seen through personal prism.  

My favorite of the night was "Isabella", an evocative love song...inspired by Steve's dog.  For a two-minute listen, click here: Desert Night Music and look for the song in the album "signs along the road" , a genre-mixed record of blues and ballad with echoes of folk.

Or click below for an evocative mandocello performance of Steve's composition "Mariner's Ward".  And let the music flow into your moment.

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  1. How cool to have a concert hall over your garage! You and your friends have a marvelous, rich life!

  2. House concerts are a VERY cool cultural innovation! Love the wine and snacks at intermission, too!

  3. okay, I promise.

    this is for quiet time a bit later tonight.

  4. I'm back.

    and this youtube clip sound was divine. very moving.

    and I listened to a few of the other songs, you have talented friends.
    and it would be fun to sit and listen with you I imagine.


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