Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 15, 2010

 Spring rains and warm days are coaxing our garden into bloom.

In the wild space across the front, prairie verbena blooms, the first to lift a spring face to the sun.

From the kitchen windows, bearded iris roar (don't those throats look tigerish to you?).

Behind the Iris, a clump of pass-along Dayflower blooms.  Dave and Betty moved away this week but they'll always be in my garden.

The lone Hinckley's Columbine to survive last summer's blast is blooming it's heart out.  

This year I'll gather seeds and start a Hinckley oasis in a shadier spot closer to the faucet.

Along the the east side of the house, a fragrance of vanilla floats on the breeze.  Our Anacacho Orchid trees (Bauhinia lunaroides) burst into riotous bloom this week.

It's easy to be happy when the breeze smells so sweet.  Hope your breezes are sweet too.

To peek into the season in gardens around the country, follow this link to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens. 

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  1. Pretty, pretty blooms and photos! I just love prairie verbena, don't you? Your Anacacho Orchid trees are real show-stoppers, too. Pretending I can smell the vanilla...

  2. It's bizarre how many blossoms we share. My air is still perfumed by the tea olive, although the wisteria has dropped all its petals.
    We are not done with spring quite yet.

  3. Your house is floating in a cloud of flowers! Its so pretty. . .I'd be sneezing up a storm, but happy nevertheless! I bet your hummingbirds and butterflies are going nuts with delight!

  4. It's just gorgeous there, on your Texas hillside.

  5. So very lovely and to think of vanilla scented breezes - I'd be willing to sneeze extra for that!

  6. Ah ... I can almost smell your garden blooms from here! My iris are just starting to poke through the ground, that's how far behind you we are in Michigan! But it's starting to happen ...

  7. I love iris, but don't have any here...yet.

    The Anacacho Orchid is really putting on a show. Is that out with the deer?
    Hmmmm...I might 'need' one of those, too.

    This rain we're having, will help everything.

  8. I'm envious of your bearded iris and those bauhinia! Wow!

  9. These are such beautiful blossoms Kathleen, what a lovely vista of colour surrounding you and the fragrance would be amazing ... yes the air here this morning was fresh and sweet. :)
    The yellow flowers on the columbine look so delicate and I just love the Bauhinia ... have a lovely day.

    xoxox ♥

  10. I love the irises; gorgeous flowers, and you've shown them well. Nice Bloom Day post.

  11. How beautiful! I love the color combinations this time of year. Those anacacho trees are really showing off!

  12. Oh, I want a plant that smells like vanilla!
    They have a similar form to bridlewreath spirea maybe.

    We are having an incredibly showy spring this year. Strange to feel behind when it's only mid April.


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