Saturday, March 20, 2010

Texas Angels

You never know what your angel will look like, or when you'll meet him.

My parents are 87 (Dad) and 84 (Mom).  This came from Mom this week:

"After church in the rain on the way to Luby's Cafeteria (out in the country because we don't voluntarily go I-35 where Lubys is)  we had a flat.  We were in the Forerunner.  

I pulled off as much of the road as I could and two wheels were in the mud.  

I was asking the Lord for wisdom when a pickup with two young men wheeled over and asked to help.  During the process of trying to locate the jacks, etc. they said their business was auto repair and they surely should be able to find it.  We finally drug out the owner's manual.  I backed the car so that the wheels were on the pavement and they could jack it up.  

When all was done we tried to pay them and they said it was their privilege because they would have wanted someone to help their father and mother in the same situation.

We are so thankful that it didn't happen at night on I-35.  God watches over us.  Yesterday, your Dad had 4 new tires put on the Forerunner."

And the young men disappeared into the night after seeing Mom and Dad on their way.  Sounds like angels to me.

Words and photos by Kathleen Scott,for her blog Hill Country Mysteries. Copyright 2009-2010.


  1. That is awesome! Its always uplifting to know that there are still good people out there... Angels indeed!

  2. Very refreshing to hear there are still such good "strangers" out there!

  3. How wonderful to hear that there are still people willing to help someone out in a situation like that. Restores my faith in humanity. There *are* some angels out there.

  4. Our parents are amazing. Great photo and story.

  5. I love angel stories. This one is a reminder that angels do exist, that there is unsung kindness everywhere. And I love the photo, too.

    Sometime I will share one from my book with you. I ran it on my blog at Christmastime, but I don't think I knew you back then... Remind me to send you the link sometime.

  6. Yesterday, at a wedding, I was reminded that all sorts of people comprise a family. Friends, neighbors, actual relatives, and at times, even angels surround us and become important in our lives.

    We are all members of one large extended family to my mind... Imagine how life would be if we all were as helpful and considerate as your Mom and Dad's Sunday angels!

  7. Angels DO exist. They are REAL PEOPLE like you and me, people who have good hearts and who believe that they need to be the thing they want to see in the world. Pay it forward...

  8. The world is feeled with good people and it's important to be reminded of this~~thanks, Kathleen...gail

  9. Yes...there are angels. I'm so glad that two of them were there for your parents.

  10. What a sweet story. What a treasure your parents are. I lost my own mother six years ago today. It was the first day of spring, her favorite season. This time of year is now bittersweet for me.

  11. If only everyone had this attitude! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story.

  12. love love this.
    and yes, there are good and giving just because people out there.
    I'm feeling the relief in your telling here, Kathleen.

    and your parents , can I be jealous. and the fact that your Dad has stuff in both pockets of that rocking cool shirt. Not to mention your Mom's . jealous.:)

  13. So glad these young male angels showed up to help your folks. They deserve to be taken care of and it is a blessing that you still have them in your life. x0 N2


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