Monday, February 15, 2010

GBBC Wrap-up -- February 12-15, 2010

GBBC 2010--I counted birds February 12, 13, 14 and 15, whenever I passed by a window and saw birds. 

Some days I counted in my pajamas, a plus.

The cats helped.  

Max, momentarily distracted from cardinal watch.

We saw 'the regulars' and a couple of species we didn't expect.  Our reward was tuning in to the rhythm of the life around us.

Black-crested Titmouse

Hope you enjoyed your GBBC watch.  Please share what you saw and thought in a comment.  If you blog, add a link to your comment so others can find you.

Words and photos by Kathleen Scott,for her blog Hill Country Mysteries. Copyright 2009-2010.


Birdwoman said...

I'm so glad you participated in the GBBC. It is one of my favorite citizen science projects and one of my favorite weekends of the year!

Jayne said...

I love your cat helping you count -- I had feline help too, lol. I really enjoyed my first Great Backyard Bird Count, We saw all our usual visitors, mourning doves, chipping sparrows, red cardinals, blue jays and a whole mess of goldfinches. Here's a link to my GBBC blog post:

Kathleen Scott said...

Thanks, Birdwoman. The experience was a blessing.

Thanks, Jayne. Glad you watched and glad you posted and glad you shared your link.

TexasDeb said...

I didn't count, but I always watch... We have loads of sparrows, a finch couple, a cardinal couple, and house wrens visiting regularly. I don't typically see jays except in the summertime, and was startled by a hawk sitting on the deck benching a couple of weeks ago.

Proud of you for taking the time/trouble to identify and count. Hoping to get organized with better trained eyes for next year!

Me said...

Heeeeere, kitty,kitty,kitty! I'm hoping you kept that cutie INSIDE during your bird watching ;)

Cute fluffy friend you got there - cute feathered one, too. . .and I'm loving the jammies!

As I suspected, we didn't have it together enough to participated this year, though we have been feeding our birdies a lot. Is this something they do every year? Or was it a one-time thing?