Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - February 15, 2010

 It's been unseasonably cool in the Texas Hill Country but sun and season are inching toward spring and I'm happy to share our progression here at Hill Country Mysteries.  

To peek into the season in gardens around the country, follow this link to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Today was a first winter bloom for my dianthus.

And the first time I've seen this wild charmer, growing up within a cage around a desert willow on a rocky slope.  I'm not sure what it is, except that it's beautiful.
On a day when winter flirts with spring, a Painted Lady sips at rosemary. 
While a Red Admiral suns nearby.

Out in the yard beyond this lens, nascent wildflowers litter our front swath.  Next month buds and blooms will begin to rise above the leaves and we'll all marvel at the beauty of life.

Enjoy your Bloom Day today, and the hope of bloom days to come.

Words and photos by Kathleen Scott,for her blog Hill Country Mysteries. Copyright 2009-2010.


  1. Love your Painted Lady rosemary photo! I agree: that unknown wildflower is beautiful.

  2. Hi Kathleen, TX may be cold, but VA is colder;-) Unlike 'normal' February's I have nothing to even a green bush is sticking out! I won't see my dianthus for some time yet. Love your 'charmer' (for lack of a better name)...your Painted Lady and your Red Admiral. Butterflies and birds in the garden make me just as happy as any blooms;-) PS I did get your friend request at FB but wasn't sure if I'd 'met' you before. Now I know where to find you, glad to have found your blog;-) Jan

  3. Thank you for visiting me at Gulf Coast Greenie.

    I'm headed to the Hill Country (in real life) soon, and I'm so glad to know that the wildflowers are starting their season. Your white mystery flower is lovely. I looked through my wildflower books and didn't find it. I hope someone can figure it out. Wonderful butterflies too!

  4. Early Blooms and butterflies too: What more could you ask? Happy Bloom Day.

  5. Looks like we humans aren't the only ones enjoying your flowers. The butterfly pics are great, and so is that mystery plant. It always drives me crazy when I don't have a name for a plant in my garden.

  6. The butterflies are so pretty, enjoying the sun and rosemary nectar. And mystery plants do keep life interesting!

  7. How wonderful to see butterflies and did I mention how wonderful it is to see sunshine! I hope your Bloom Day has been good....Now I am off to wrap up in a warm sweater...we're having thermostat wars in my house;) gail

  8. I love your mystery flower. It almost looks like some kind of rain lily.

    Blooms and butterflies. How do you do that, so close to where I am? You are close to Wimberley, right?

    I'm ready for these cold nights to be over. I guess I'm just impatient.

  9. I saw one orange sulphur on Sunday, before it grew cold -- spring is on its way for certain! Happy GBBD!

  10. Great shots! Happy bloom day indeed! Can I trade you some snow for a flower and a butterfly or two? Spring seems so far away from here right now.

  11. Those butterflies tell us that spring truly is on the way.

  12. Hi there Kathleen, loved the slipper shot in your bird count posting! As for the painted lady on the Rosemary here… we are a long way of that here in Scotland :-)

    Oh yes… an added prob… the winter has claimed my Rosemary. Thanks for popping by my blog as it has led me here now. I too enjoy the visiting birds in my garden :-D

    Wishing you a good week and a Happy GBBD :-D

  13. So everything is coming out again, even the butterflies. Hibernation is getting to be closed, and most will be lively and blooming. We'll be waiting for the posts unloading.


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