Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smokin' Saturday

Denny built a splendid fire in the fireplace last night.  The wood was a little damp but he built it up nice and hot so it warmed the chairs and the cats in the chairs.  Cheery comfort for a cold windy rainy night. 

This morning when we got up, the house smelled of smoke.  Not a mild whiff, a full-fledged nose-clogging stink.  Nothing for it but to turn off the heat, open all the windows, turn on the ceiling fans and air the place out.
I dressed for the occasion, faux fur coat over my flannel jammies, tiara for accent.

Denny made coffee, I made pumpkin pancakes topped with sauteed ginger-lime-honey spiked apples.

I know you wish your house had been smoked.

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