Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smokin' Saturday

Denny built a splendid fire in the fireplace last night.  The wood was a little damp but he built it up nice and hot so it warmed the chairs and the cats in the chairs.  Cheery comfort for a cold windy rainy night. 

This morning when we got up, the house smelled of smoke.  Not a mild whiff, a full-fledged nose-clogging stink.  Nothing for it but to turn off the heat, open all the windows, turn on the ceiling fans and air the place out.
I dressed for the occasion, faux fur coat over my flannel jammies, tiara for accent.

Denny made coffee, I made pumpkin pancakes topped with sauteed ginger-lime-honey spiked apples.

I know you wish your house had been smoked.


  1. Yeah, but houses are SO hard to keep lit...... Sounds like you two did the reasonable thing, minus the carping and finger pointing that might have been featured around these parts. Pancakes are a much better alternative.

    We had a few fires last week and I remembered, after getting up to an extra chilly house the next morning when I could F I N A L L Y close the flue, why I don't jump at the chance to have a fire at home so often.

  2. And it's so hard to roll a house in papers, too.

  3. The photos of the cats are so cute. And you look very glam all arrayed for breakfast.

    Love you,


  4. Love it when you break out the tiara. Wish I had some of those apples right now.

  5. Looks and sounds delicious! Wish I lived a lot closer :-)


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