Friday, January 22, 2010

Capitol Weirdness

You'll be glad to know that Austin finished 2009, as weird as you can see here.

From a just-after-dawn walk at Lady Bird Lake...

The litterer left a FIRE EXTINGUISHER? 

By a LAKE.

And while we're on the subject of litter,

What was the celebration for which they emptied the office hole-puncher?

Texting while least he's not taking his hands off the steering...

How many years do you think this homeowner has been bowling?  Did he/she finally give up on the perfect game?

Words and photos by Kathleen Scott, Hill Country Mysteries.


  1. God Bless Austin and all her weird inhabitants. Long may we wave!

    (seriously - a FIRE extinguisher?! What the hell is IN that cup??)

  2. Love the photos! I think I'd really like that town.


  3. I love these random sightings,
    and I don't know if my comment yesterday worked, but I am going to make one of those Karma Bowls. I think that is a perfect idea.

  4. Kathleen--I feel such delight when I read your blog.

    Your recipes always look and sound yummy. Will be trying some soon.

    You seem to revel in nature. Good for you!

  5. I'll always treasure my "Keep Austin Wierd" t-shirt! Hmmm, I'm considering what to use to border a new bed I'm planning -- those bowling balls look appealing....

  6. I think if I came to Austin I might never, ever leave. It is the one place where people from Tallahassee left to go live in and actually NEVER CAME BACK.

  7. As one of my favorite writing mentors said once, "you can't make that shit up!"

    Loved this post and the wonderful photos, too.


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