Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Texas Clay Festival in Gruene

Seventeen years ago, Dee and Terry Buck of Buck Pottery in Gruene, started a festival to showcase the best clay artists in Central Texas, most of them friends.  All these years later, they're still sharing art via Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, just outside of New Braunfels.  Free admission and you can take home a teapot or sculpture, whatever inspires you.

My pocketbook isn't big but I can spring for everyday art.  This year I bought a porcelain tea cup and coffee cup with figures that flow through the clay inside out.  Somehow the figures are blue inside and gray out.  Every time I drink from it I think about how no one really sees another person's color below the inner rim.

I hope you enjoy the following highlights.  Maybe next year we'll see each other at the Texas Clay Festival.

October in Texas is skeleton season, an homage to Dia de los Muertes, Day of the Dead celebrations, October 31-November 2 each year.  From outside of the culture, the celebration may appear macabre, but the tradition roots from remembrance.

I loved the elemental happiness of these plates and bowls.  Anything you put on these dishes would taste good.

Art of all kinds...

Raku, fired to 1800F degrees. Random iridescent color swirling and blending like a sunset ocean.

A few years ago, Denny bought a pot for me from this artist, just because.  Now I see love too in the swirls. 

Susy Siegele, the artist who made my coffee cup, with one of her triptych panels depicting life's spiraling journey.  Everything is there.  The flow and connection and pain and celebration, and how we came from the earth and return to it.
My kind of church.


  1. I love those plates and bowls!

  2. A great share - I saw so much I liked in your photos from the every day useful to the beauty that transcends utility. Liked the busts, too, think I spotted a couple of my relatives in the mix, actually...

    Next year maybe we will bump elbows in front of one of the tables of these inspired ceramic artists.

  3. I dig Dia de los Muertes. BIG fun!

    Love you, too. Have a great weekend and enjoy the mug.


  4. great photos of creative clay art!


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