Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking Him by the Horns

The other day I heard crying from the back yard, behind the thicket that hides the fence that divides us from the ranch beyond. 

I walked through the thicket, ducking juniper limbs, until I came out on the other side and there the kid was, all by himself and crying, stuck by his horns in the fence.

He let me pet his nose but every time I inched my hand back to grab his horns, he kicked and thrashed.  So I did the best thing to free him.

I went in and got Denny.  He's got the guts and strength to grab a set of thrashing horns and in one fluid move, tilt and push until the head slides back through the wire square, with no one, man nor goat, getting hurt. Another reason I love my husband.

And the unexpected in our life in the Texas Hill Country.


  1. Now that 's a backyard adventure I'm a little torn about wishing for :)

  2. happy day for that set of trapped horns! and yes, aren't husbands wonderful in the most unexpected ways?

  3. I sometimes think we lead eerily similar lives.


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