Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sometimes the last days of the year are the hardest.  Dark, cold, and ghosted by past resolutions.  For me, the biggest hang-fire is to get my book finished and published.  I've been slow to tackle the revisions, fear of failure probably.  I need to find an agent too and the idea of sending my book-baby out to strangers is daunting. 

One of Denny's partners, Meredith Bell, writes about encouragement, and she recently posted a video with a good strategy for generating the confidence to move forward.  That's going to help me get my book out of my computer and onto store shelves.

Good things should be passed on, so I'm sharing the video as a gift for you too.


  1. Just saying hi, dear Kathleen. I am impressed by anybody who can manage to get a book out.



  2. I hope Meredith does a lot more of these. It's such a benefit. Like having a virtual coach on your computer, someone who cares and encourages.

  3. I hope Meredith does more of these, too. I read her encouraging words often, but it was really nice to hear her lovely voice. There is a comforting congruence between her words and her gentle voice.


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