Friday, November 13, 2009

Growing Stronger

My husband, Denny Coates, has devoted much of his life to understanding why and how we think and act.  It's the reason I married him.  I knew his mind would always fascinate me.

And, full disclosure, I thought he was cute.

Recently he started a blog called Building Personal Strength.  His posts aren't long but they take my mind beyond my daily life.  I read it in the mornings for the same reason I drink coffee; it makes me feel good and gets me going. 

I'm sharing him with you today so you can feel good too.



  1. Thanks for sharing Denny! I'm passing him along today, too.

  2. I check in daily to Denny's post's to inspire my gray matter with a positive tick of thought provoking insperation for my day. It's alaways worth the time.

  3. I'll take this on good recommendation.
    And that photo of you two, btw, is serenity.


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