Monday, October 12, 2009

Texas Metal Arts Fest - A Gruene Occasion

We sashayed out for a Texas Hill Country playday in Gruene not long ago. Gruene (pronounced green) is a tiny burg on the edge of New Braunfels. Some decades back it was almost a ghost town, victim of the boll-weevil and the depression. Now it's a funky playing-in-the-past-and-grinning-at-the-future place.

The permanent population is maybe five. But Gruene makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the town--lodgings on the Guadalupe, great music, good food, a wine bar with free samples of Texas wines, unique merchants --and public celebrations. All this makes for some of the best people-watching in Texas.

Our intentions for the day were set on the Texas Metal Arts Fest.

Everyone was shocked when it rained on Saturday; rain being more precious than gold and more rare in these parts.

But Sunday was perfect, cloudy and dry.

It would be fun to have this reminder of magic peeking out of the woodland.

Houston artist Jim Adams creates outdoor art from recycled iron. Don't you love the concept of an iron dandelion?

He wasn't the only artist making the old new again. Check out the Harley-bird at the bottom of this picture. I've been interested in Harleys since I started writing the book. Denny was glad I didn't need to bring this one home for the garden.

Note the Sunday cowgirl in the background--you know you're in Texas.

The wrench-and-pistol horse head might have been a keeper if the exhaust-pipe ears hadn't made it look like a jackelope.

My favorite sculpture of the day was this flowing bronze fountain by Warren Cullar. He says life is his inspiration for art, and he never runs out.

He was kind enough--or crazy enough--to let me paint a little on one of his vivid bas-reliefs.

This is one he completed before I came along.

Home-grown music livened the air.

...........................................And BEVO blessed it.

Leaving us with the thought....where in the hacienda would one hang this icon?


  1. Lovely pictures of a lovely day! I think you'd have to hang that steer head sculpture over the gates entering your ranch. Or at least on the side of the barn.
    I'm with you on your favorite- that is a beautiful fountain.

  2. Thanks for the tour. I like the iron dandelion concept, too!

  3. I smiled all through this... you weave well.


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