Friday, October 30, 2009

From Brown to Green

 I snapped this picture from my kitchen window, fawns hoovering fallen persimmons.

Some months back a group of neighbors started a gardeners group for our community.  I presented the first program, a topic we chose for the amount of pain residents feel.  We wanted to meet a need and draw a crowd.

"Limiting Deer Damage in the Landscape"  The program took me as long to create as writing a chapter of my book...and I won't volunteer to do any more programs for at least a year, by which time I will have forgotten. 

Anyway, the gardeners group is rolling right along now, guided by a steering committee of ten great women who meet monthly for dinner and wine.  I'm pretty sure the ideas become more creative as the bottles are emptied.

A few weekends ago we held the first community garden tour, with the theme of deer resistant gardens.  Three very different yards.  Kim's, a formal landscape, Dave's, a Texas-version cottage garden, and ours, an NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat.  Close to 50 neighbors came to see what could be done with hardscape and drought-tolerant, deer resistant plants.  Everyone had a good time and we're already talking about the next tour, probably Xeric Landscapes.

Three years ago, our yard was barren and we didn't even know our next door neighbors.  Now the gardens and the friends make this place feel like home.  Three years isn't a long time to make a home; but the time would have felt like forever without relationships and the inspiration of nature.  Like the difference between living and existing.


  1. Great post, Kathleen. I especially loved your last paragraph and that last sentence. What a difference friends make. I appreciate YOU.

  2. Congratulations, Kathleen. What a great way to bring a neighborhood together and serve a need at the same time. Not to mention beautifying the 'hood. I feel your pain with the deer. They're in our front yard every night. Notice I say yard, not garden; haven't started gardening out there yet. Maybe next year.


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