Monday, October 19, 2009

American Snout (Libytheana carinenta)

Drought withers sinew from bone.  Opens cracks to the heart of the earth.  Steals hope.

But for one small summer butterfly, Drought sets the stage for an irregular eruption so powerful, a person standing in the road could disappear in a blizzard of butterflies.

In the way that hope follows despair, when rains finally follow epic drought, American Snout caterpillars hatch to feed, pupate and transform by the multitude.

The Texas Hill Country is home to this phenomena and its happening right now outside my house.  Thousands of American Snout butterflies are flying and feeding and laying eggs for the next generation.  Living and dying and returning hope. 

I'm not the only one for whom the Hill Country is magic.


  1. You love your place the way I love mine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Life from ashes....
    You see with beautiful eyes .

  3. So cool -- thank you for sharing that bit of nature.

  4. Brilliant bit. Opening paragraph would be great for another book. Seriously. Love the intertwining of ferocity, despair and hope.


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