Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome Home

I've never welcomed the coming of Autumn. It seemed more an end than a beginning--erosion of long days and warm weather, 'our' hummingbirds moving on to tropical climes.

But this year Fall feels like a beginning. Finally, more moderate temperatures--we can garden and walk and watch sunsets from the porch again. And even as 'our' hummers left, a blizzard of others spent weeks here filling up on nectar and sugar for the long flight south.

They're gone now but yesterday was one of the best birding afternoons since we moved to Texas--in our own back yard! We'd never seen a Bell's Vireo or Olive-sided Flycatcher before, and they came after the Wilson's Warbler and Nashville Warbler and Yellow Warbler. Our bird list for this home is 82 species now.

Bell's Vireo (Vireo bellii)
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Just last week, my fall flowers began blooming and fall butterflies flying.

Best of all, I'm moving into writing the end of my book. Only two more chapters. Big, fun, wild, sweet entangling conclusion--with a hint of new beginning. It will be fun to write and I get to start tomorrow.

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  1. The fall and spring migration are a wonderful window in time...birds fighting for their lives, winging hard to find a place with food for survival. And some land in our backyard oasis....


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