Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is There Magic To The Date?

Today's date is 09/09/09. I don't have any idea if the sequence has an esoteric meaning, but I'm leaning in the direction of mysticism...because today there was RAIN!!! in our parched Texas Hill Country.

I've written before about how Hill Country denizens feel about rain (the naked dancing and all that). And it's all true, the bit about being more valuable than oil, everything. Even more true now as deeper cracks have opened in our land after 100+ days of temperatures over 100 degrees.

My friends in Florida and the soggy northeast, where it has rained every day for months, might want to scroll down now to my prior post this morning, a country-music-writing-beer musing.

But for all you Texans who have lived a scorched summer, here it is, a brief sample of what 1" of water from the sky looks and sounds like.
Feel free to take off your clothes and revel.

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