Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hummingbird Fall Migration

We live with hummingbirds eight months of the year.

Actually, I should say we serve hummingbirds. 'Their' sprawling beds of plants require watering, pruning and feeding...and the six feeders want daily attention.

In return we lose ourselves in the miracle of 3,000 wing beats per minute as fluffs of iridescent feathers chase, hover and fight, owning every sip in sight.

It's too good to keep to ourselves...so I captured a migration minute for you:

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  1. Amazing! I love it. We plant red flowering bushes in our landscape (cannas, red sage, etc) and manage to attract a few hummingirds to entertain us during our meals.

    And by "we" I mean my husband digging and me pointing and admiring.


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