Monday, September 7, 2009


One evening last week, Denny and I sat on the front porch to watch the sunset. Sunset watching is meditation for me. I've never learned indoor meditation. When I sit still, silent and thoughtless, I fall asleep.

But I can sit with a glass of wine, my eyes resting on the changing sky, and see, think, be the glowing, transforming color. My timeless time begins when the first slanting golden rays edge the land in shine. And ends in the deepening blue-purple advent of night. Every sunset is different and every one is beautiful.

This was the first sunset hour we'd spent on the porch since early May. It was the first evening in over 100 days when the needle on my porch thermometer rested south of 99F, the first break from a brutal summer of heat and drought.

On this day, we were gifted with a cold front and the air dropped to a cool 85F. We wondered whether we'd need sweaters.

To celebrate, we opened our only bottle of Terra Valentine 2007 Rose of Red Wine from Napa Valley, 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Sangiovese, 100% delicious. Richly fruity but not sweet--a strawberry nose and cherry finish, it was perfect.

The hummingbirds swirled around our porch feeders, the cardinals picked seed from the rocks, we sipped in contented silence as the planet rotated toward night.


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