Saturday, August 8, 2009

Comment Deficit

When my friends quit commenting on my blog posts, I thought everyone had gone on vacation. There are some European countries where the entire population leaves for the month of August.

Until my mother told me it was impossible to work the comment section. 'Maybe it's just her', I thought. Then my techie nephew and savy husband told me they couldn't do it either.

So the problem was blogspot or me. I'm the more likely I've adjusted the settings. You can put in your two cents now, I hope. Try it and see.

PS Sunday morning, Kathleen Waffle Queen moment, unrelated to anything but fun. Note the tiara.


  1. Thanks for making commenting easier, Kathleen. I actually posted more comments than you ever knew, because some were never published. Don't know why.
    This Comments platform is much simpler than the old one, and actually works. Terrific!
    Mmmm, those waffles smell good. I probably should send you some maple syrup. Tell me how and I will.

  2. It has always been a mystery for me posting comments but this takes the mystery away.
    I'm at every post

  3. I'm in the market for a new waffle maker. Yours looks very snazzy, and the waffles (and tiara, of course) are great. Can you tell me the manufacturer?

  4. Thanks, friends! Beth, I've had a hard time with this one--the waffles don't like to come out. The one I got my parents works well though. I think it was a Kitchenaid. Mom's waffles are gold and great.


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