Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reading Fire

Update: Beth's blog is no longer online--the bad news. The good news is that she's concentrating on her writing and someday there will be a book to hold instead of words in cyberspace.

Since you can't click to read them, I'm attaching the wonderful words from her post, Fire Lines, referenced below, that I've posted over my desk.

"Life is a beautiful horrific braiding of events. We stand at the mouth of the river and the eye of the storm, that place where rainbows are seen. Some difficult days, we tread water. Some glorious days, we fly."
Beth Westmark, Switched at Birth, 7-29-09

Original post:
My friend Beth Westmark wrote an extraordinary piece today in her blog . Real crying-laughing life. I'm putting a paragraph from it on the bulletin board above my desk, where I can see it when I look up from my writing. And I'm giving the link as a present to you, a story to light your day.

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  1. Wow, I clicked onto your blog to read about the jalapeno salsa and saw my picture at the bottom!

    Still working on that novel, meanwhile Buck has finished his manuscript, and I've gone back to blogging at Stop by and say hi! Hey, we made it through another year (so far anyway) without a big hurricane around here.


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