Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Backyard Miracle

Originally uploaded by egdc211
I was there, this morning. When the miracle happened.

As I watered a barrel of backyard plants, a tiny black-framed flash of gold streaked past. He perched, not ten feet away, studying the dropping edge of my stream. Slowly, my hand tilted up, the flow arching softly toward his tree. He fluttered closer. And closer again, until he shivered at the fine-mist edge.

Birders come from around the world to a small Hill Country region to look for the endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler. If they're smart, and lucky, and if they're here in time, before his kind declines from Endangered to Extinct, they may catch a tree-top glimpse.

This morning, in my own backyard, I was there.

Thanks to egdc211 for use of her photo. For more of her lovely work, see her Flickr stream at: .


  1. There's miracle. And then there's message. What a lovely gift.

  2. Locked in each moment, you see what passes by me! What a beautiful moment this was. Thanks for sharing it.


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