Thursday, July 2, 2009

Comfort, Texas

People come to Comfort for the time. It passes more slowly here. Might even go backwards.

I'm not making this up. Most of downtown Comfort, Texas, goes back a ways. Even the National Register of Historical Places thinks so.

The town was founded in the mid-1800s by 'Freethinker' German immigrants. The Freethinkers were practical idealists. One of their demands in 1854 was that laws be enacted, so simple and intelligible, that there should be no need of lawyers.

Most of the 2,500-3,500 area residents today are descendants of the founders. They care about their beginnings and the buildings that grew from them. Someday, when you need more time and Comfort, you can come for a visit. Until then, here's a pictorial introduction. Click any of the pictures for a larger view.

You can follow the signs...

Or, get directions from Jolene at Cypress Creek Antiques, who says she 'works the corner'.

And a varied corner she's working, too.

There were more antique shops than we had time to try...

Across the way, a museum inhabits the 1908 Comfort State Bank building, an example of locally quarried limestone and solid German-heritage architecture

Jolene sent us down the street for lunch at 814 - A Texas Bistro, in the 1908 Post Office building. They serve a mean hamburger at lunch and Texas favorites with a twist at dinner. Interesting wine list, too.

Across High Street is the Comfort Meet Market. The sign in the window says Friday and Saturday nights.

A sweet library occupies the 1916 Arno Schwethelm Memorial Building at the corner of 7th and High. Before taking on a life of the mind, the building served as a bottling works, general store, tractor dealership, grocery store, ice cream parlor and more.

The Library must be expecting my friend Beth, who writes Westmark Writes, to include them in her hedgehog stories because they named a corner of the children's section after her.
(Click the picture for a larger view.)

After the Library, you might want to set a spell with the guys at Gael's Comfort Barber Shop. Gael Montana's official title was Tonsorial Artist and Hill Country Contrarian. She passed away this year but the shop is still a good place to go.

When you're ready for a break, wander down the path from High Street to the Comfort Cellars tasting room and taste the wines, including the only Jalapeno Wine in Texas .

There's a lot more to see and do in this town on the Guadalupe River, but you can't leave without a visit to Comfort Feed and Garden. That would be like leaving Seattle without going to a coffee shop.


  1. My very own corner in a library -- wood-carved sign and all. Who knew I would find Heaven in Comfort, Texas?

    Thanks for giving me a big smile this morning!

    p.s. The idea of a town where time goes backwards is very appealing. Maybe we could visit one month each year and stay forever young.

  2. Sounds a lot like Fredericksburg. I had never heard of that monument. Thanks for the link and the words of encouragement.


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