Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunset Therapy

Some years back, there was a a time when my stomach hurt all the time and it was hard to sleep...

I couldn't do much about the situation. But every evening, no matter how late I was working, I went outside for 20 minutes to watch the sky change color. I sat on the trunk of my car in my business suit with the little bow-tie and the low-heeled pumps, and filled my mind with radiant light.

As the oranges and golds melted into pinks and indigos, my knots and tension melted into quiet.

I've been a sunset watcher ever since.


  1. well said.. and I felt it and feel that too.. the quiet is a good place.
    I was invited here by Beth at Switched at Birth... and it seems like a nice fit thus far. Thanks for writing so well, and sharing.

  2. Thanks Deb (and Beth)! I followed your profile to your blog Green Acres, and loved what I read. I've posted Green Acres on My Blog List here so that my friends can find you too.


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