Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moving On

Creation is an odd thing. Sometimes you start with an idea, sometimes you just start. In the book I'm writing, I needed a transition from an uncomfortable confrontation in Chapter 15 to the main event in Chapter 16. The lead character was angry and I wondered how she'd work herself out of it in the short time she had before the next event. I was a little anxious...I don't care for transitions myself. I like to be in or out. This is what happened after she slammed out of the parking lot:

She reached over and turned the radio on. I'm really in the mood for some good blues. Something loud about life going wrong--for somebody else. So my problems aren't that bad...

Music blasted from the radio, swirling and bouncing around the cab, ricocheting into her ears, electrical impulses rocketing into her brain, dancing down her spine and rolling like ocean waves to her fingertips. The twenty-minute ride passed in no time, driven by the blues.

We both felt better by the time she got out of the truck.

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