Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's A Matter of Opinion

I am acquainted with Texans who hold the following as truths, possibly based on personal experience. I don't say yes or no, myself. But it's interesting, living in a place where ideas are not always strictly constructed.

If a raccoon has been digging up your garden and you put out a humane trap to capture it, planning to take the raccoon to another neighborhood to raid those people's gardens instead, you'll want to carry a blanket when you go out in the morning to check the trap. That way, if the raccoon turns out to be a skunk, the blanket will be the one sleeping outside next week.

It might have been a while since you thought about this one...but that night you had all those margaritas and then woke up the next morning to a crumpled fender on your car? It was the Giant Armadillo--he did it while you were in the bar and you just didn't see it when you came back in the dark. That's the only story you'll ever tell anyway.

It really is bigger in the Texas Hill Country, and deeper too.


  1. We have a REAL :) giant armadillo who is trying to tunnel under the swimming pool. He has dug huge holes all around the pool equipment. We finally figured out he comes there because there is a mercury vapor light and lots of bugs at night. We're trying turning off the light to see if that will discourage him. Otherwise. . . it may be lights out for the armadillo.

  2. Oh noooo...I bet the lights-out works. They only come for grubs & insects.

    We started staking chicken wire on the ground (under the mulch) around shrubs when we're having armadillo digs here--although I'm half a mind to thank them for getting the grubs. The ones where I refilled the holes with compost are thriving but I was never sure if I'd find all the holes or if the roots would bake.

  3. Ok, so maybe my story about the dented fender and mysterious scraping on the wheel rim of my new car was not original, but it's always reliable: "Someone must have banged into me in a parking lot." The story worked for months until an observant friend (friend?) noticed that the scrapes on the wheel rim were circular, indicating that the scrape-er was stationary, and therefore guiltless, leaving me as the only other possible guilty party. I was crushed. Really!


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