Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Four Generations

We had a fun Mother's Day. All of our generations were here, as you can see from the hands of the great-grandmother (my mother), grandmother (my sister), mother (my niece) and baby (most extraordinary child in the world).

And everyone in our family unit was healthy enough to enjoy the day, something we don't take for granted. Denny got up at 6:00am on Sunday morning..and isn't that real love? He had to build a fire in the smoker so he could serve the World's Best BBQ in honor of these Strong Texas Women.

Lots of love and laughter, a true celebration.


  1. Hands are so revealing. I particularly like women's hands that look like they can handle whatever life brings. When I see overly manicured nails that look like the woman they belong to would have to call for help before she could pry open a jar, I recoil as though I had seen bound feet.

    How wonderful to have four generations together.

    p.s. Smoking brisket is an art form I have not mastered. I was lucky enough to eat some that was meltingly tender a couple of times. . . . in Texas, naturally. Wish I had some right now!

  2. Hi, Kathleen, I'm Walk, a cyberfriend of Beth W's, a loyal reader of her blog. She sent me this way and I'll have to thank her.

    The four generation hand picture is priceless. My brother had one taken with my father, my brother, his son and grandson. We lost my father last month and now that picture is one of the priceless treasures that we have. I'm glad you had time together.

  3. Thanks, Beth and Walk. I appreciate your thoughts.

    Beth, if you ever want to learn brisketology, come visit. Denny would be tickled to pass along his techniques. And I can contribute my mother's original BBQ sauce recipe...which is every bit as good as the brisket.


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