Friday, April 10, 2009

Madrone Nursery

Denny doesn't like it when I go to plant sales alone. The last time that happened, about a year ago, I came home with 11 trees and 18 bushes...

He's the primary hole digger in our family. It's not a sexist thing. When we lived in Florida we shared the chore. I mean, how hard is it to dig in sand? But here in the Texas Hill Country, it takes a pickaxe to break ground. And you might have to lever out a boulder just to plant a 4-inch pot. Most folks give up and build raised beds.

Today I took a field trip with some friends to Madrone Nursery in San Marcos. So, technically, I wasn't alone. I did bring home 17 plants but none were bigger than one gallon. And it didn't even cost much. Madrone Nursery is a native-plant-lover's place. The owner propagates everything he sells and has a story to tell about everything. Among my bounty are two Dwarf Barbados Cherries,
Malpighia glabra. Descendents of the ones in front of the government building at UT, bushes that survived the killing freezes of 1987 when the temperature was eight degrees for three days straight. So they have a cold-hardy heritage, something to brag about if you're a Malphigia glabra. OK, they're three gallons each, but I'd already built raised beds for them and I can dig the holes.

I know what we'll be doing for Easter weekend, planting for the future. My kind of worship.

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  1. Hi Kat. What a nice blog you have here. Congrats on making it happen and thanks for letting me know. Your Easter plantings will be a fine tribute to affirming life and you always pick colorful stuff so we'll benefit from nice photos down the line.

    Have a great day.


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