Friday, April 24, 2009

New Braunfels

My book is set in New Braunfels, a quaint Hill Country town with a sense of place arising from history, culture and architecture. The town is known in Texas for its German heritage, and even more for Wurstfest, an October beer and sausage fest. Wurstfest is really more about music but the PR appeal of beer and sausage probably outweighs that of the polka-centric world.

More people know New Braunfels for Schlitterbahn, the world's largest waterpark. And for the two rivers which run through the town.

The Guadalupe drains the northwest Hill Country all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. It floods. But in drought years, like this one, it's low and slow.

The Comal is a sweet spring-fed river, only a few miles long, encapsulated within the town. On a hot summer weekend it's a floating party so thick you could walk across the river on the innertubes.

Great place for a Hill Country mystery.


  1. I would love to wade through that water. It looks so very refreshing.

  2. Hi Kathleen! Thanks for the kind comments about my Flickr photos. Here is the link to the cinnamon rolls, only I didn't make the caramel icing, cuz I don't care for it, just used a regular butter cream icing. You must go to McKinney Falls State Park some time. It's in Austin and it's a nice little park. Take care.



  4. Looks like you live in a really beautiful place. I love frogs and foxes and German festivals. I'm still trying to find something to love about Texas and finding it pretty ugly, except for the skies and the reptiles. How did you find my blog?

  5. Thanks for the comments! Yarnmaven, I'm so tickled to get the recipe for those cinnamon rolls! Lisa, I stumbled on your blog when I was surfing one night on Mom's computer...don't know how to get back now that I'm home. Hope you'll post a link here for me.


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