Saturday, April 11, 2009

Morning Mystery

Before I had coffee this morning, at a time when I might be just a little foggy, I went out to feed the birds and found the hanging feeder on the ground. That's never happened before. It's the one that's hung high. The squirrel-proof feeder (really, they've have been trying for three years now without success--and doesn't that make the feeder an engineering miracle?).

So who done it in the dead of night?

I know which of our wildlife visitors didn't--not the gray foxes who come at dusk to clean birdseed off the rocks. Gray foxes are rumored to climb trees but we've never even seen them try and the feeder tree wouldn't be easy. 

Not the skunks who usually arrive after the foxes; but do sometimes waddle in before the foxes are quite through, which results in a careful raised-tail dance for both parties. The skunks dig holes in mulch and flower beds but they don't climb trees.

That leaves possums, raccoons and deer on my maybe list. What do you think?
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