Monday, April 20, 2009

More Buntings

We first saw the male Indigo Buntings on Thursday, eventually sighting two first-years and two adults. Today, Monday, all four are still here. They're flocking with the remnant of the chipping sparrows. A few Lincoln sparrows and some Clay-Colored sparrows hang out too.

Anyway, we're hoping for an extended visit from the boys and I'm putting out their favorite seed as an encouragement
. I'd also like them to know that it will be refreshed daily, as will the bathwater here at the Scott Inn. There's plenty of room for everyone in the dense thicket behind the house. We haven't seen a female yet, a necessary component of the process, but the guys can plead their case when the girls head north.

Our breakfast table overlooks the front bird-feeding area and I keep a pair of binoculars on the windowsill next to my place at the kitchen table. (Doesn't everyone think binocs are eating utensils?) While we ate our porridge this morning, Denny and I were watching for the Indigo Buntings when a single male Painted Bunting surprised us.

We're rich! Painted Buntings are perhaps the most extraordinarily vivid birds of the entire 800+ US species. I'll share a picture whenever one stays still in the light long enough. (Did I mention that I keep a camera in the kitchen too?)

In the meantime, click the title at top to see one at the Cornell Ornithology site.

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