Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fox Mystery

Fox must have been feeling good on Easter Sunday, because he came in full daylight--half an hour before sunset. 
And seemed not to mind that we sat on the porch with our oysters and wine.

He usually comes after dusk to clean up birdseed from the rocks. I'll admit that once we found ourselves in his nightly pattern, we began to add a light sprinkling of dog chow, or Fox Food, as we call it, to the rocks.

I don't know that we're doing the right thing with the feeding but I don't know that it's wrong either. What I do know is that I love seeing Fox.

On Easter, his occasional companion showed up two minutes later. Sometimes the two arrive in tandem. Sometimes they approach from opposite directions. Trot off together. Go separate ways.

What is their relationship? Do they live together? Where do they come from? Where do they go?

It's a mystery.


  1. That's weird. I was trying to comment at the Bunting post but it wouldn't go through. And then left and came back and the BUNTING POST IS GONE! This is a mysterious place. I think it's gone anyway. I'll try posting my comment here instead.

    That's a great sighting. As are the foxes. I'm heading back to Mobile tomorrow night for a week. My uncle's back yard is like a park and it's a real bird haven. I've seen Indigo Buntings there and that's the only place I've seen them. They are really beautiful when they catch the light on those iridescent feathers.

    Have a great weekend. And good work on your gardening. It all looks great.

  2. And now it worked. Nature and mysteries indeed.


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