Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Any Excuse to Celebrate

Last week we signed the papers to refinance our house. It wasn't a major milestone and we would have been fine without it but it was a good day. And it's important to celebrate good days.

Underlying our every celebration is gratitude that Denny and I are together, healthy and happy after thirteen years. We didn't know, that first year, how much time we'd have because I was newly diagnosed with breast cancer. In truth, no one knows how long they'll have but we all expect a lifetime. Now, thirteen good years later, I'm hopeful for many more.

So if you're due for a celebration, try the wine we enjoyed last week, the Casa Lapastolle Cuvee Alexandre Apalta Vineyard Merlot, 2005. Deep grapey nose, raspberries and dark plums in the mouth, silky tannin on the finish. Lovely. And a great complement to the grilled garlic-rosemary marinated pork loin with sweet onions, and the accompanying tangy mashed red potatoes (fat-free Greek yogurt keeps our hearts healthy and adds a zing), and lightly steamed young green beans.

Our celebration was as good as it sounds. Hope you make a reason to have a good one of your own.
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